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At Houston Spinal Care, we strive to provide unique and cutting edge services that help patients heal from symptoms such as fibromyalgia, vertigo, back pain, neck pain, migraines and any more! Your journey toward health and the cherished partnership between doctor and patient is the focus of Houston NUCCA Chiropractor. Let us help you!

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The National Fibromyalgia Research Association reports that 42 out of 45 Fibromyalgia sufferers displayed cervicomedullary [brainstem] or spinal cord compression and that a quantifiable neurologic deficit could be measured.

  • They also state that, “The majority of the signs and symptoms can be reversed in these patients with cranio-cervical [brainstem] decompression.” 1
  • Then throw in the fact that the brainstem also has some control over digestive function and awareness and energy levels and the sypmtomatic story for a Fibromyalgia sufferer begins to come into focus. Some people have Fibromyalgia symptoms caused by brainstem and spinal cord compression! 2

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1 Presented at the National Fibromyalgia Research Association’s Subgroups in Fibromyalgia Symposium, September 26-27, 1999, in Portland, Oregon. 2 New Dimensions in Fibromyalgia Symposium, Portland, Oregon, September 1997.

Research reveals a relationship between inner ear disorders (vertigo, tinnitus, Meniere’s disease) and trauma. A bump to the head during an accident or injury can lead to such disorders that may appear immediately after trauma or take months or years to develop. An examination of the cervical spine (neck) may reveal the actual cause of these symptoms.

When the upper neck misaligns it forces the back to compensate. These compensations that occur in the back cause the spine to misalign, muscles begin to tighten, joints become inflamed, discs begin to bulge, and nerves eventually can become pinched. If the upper neck is not aligned wear and tear can occur in the back leading to degenerative joint disease, herniated discs, and possibly spinal stenosis.

Often times when a person is in an accident, experiences an injury, or has bad posture while sitting they will misalign their upper neck vertebrae. When this happens it can lead to neck pain because when the top vertebrae (atlas) misaligns, all the vertebrae below begin to compensate. These compensations can put stress on the soft tissues in the neck making it hard for them to heal. Movement of the joints in the neck becomes abnormal which will cause the person to continue experiencing pain. Sometimes a bulging disc will continue to pinch nerves in the neck until these compensations go away.

When the brain stem, located at the top of the neck malfunctions, it increases swelling of blood vessels surrounding the brain, setting up a chain reaction that results in a migraine headache. NUCCA chiropractors receive extensive training and education in both the upper cervical spine and the brain stem.

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