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Jennifer Doctorovich – Nutritional Therapist

Jennifer Doctorovich, Nutritional Specialist

Jennifer Doctorovich, Nutritional Specialist

Jennifer graduated from The California Institute of the Arts with a BFA in Acting. Upon moving to NYC to pursue her theater career, she embarked on a completely different path. She became a master Urban Rebounding teacher (Equinox and Crunch) under Jeff Berns’ team. While there, Jennifer taught Bosu, Core training, and Reebok Coreboard classes. When she moved back to Houston, Jennifer continued teaching (Fi tAthletic, The Met, Center Club, Plus One, Your Body Center, River Oaks Country Club and Houstonian Lite) adding spinning, fusion Pilates, and Slow Burn (Piyolet and Yogalates) to her list of fitness skills. That’s when Jennifer started to take an interest in holistic health and wellness.

In 2008, Jennifer became certified as a nutritional therapist from the Nutritional Therapy Association in Olympia, WA. Her emphasis is on wellness, behavioral modification, and stress. Specialty areas include digestion, blood sugar handling, and adrenal fatigue. Jennifer’s other interests include nutrition for athletic performance, mental health and, balancing hormones naturally. She also has helped her clients focus on great skin with natural products. As a writer, she has been featured in American Fitness Magazine, Total Body Magazine, and Livestrong. Jennifer was formerly the beauty editor for

Jennifer’s vision is to help her clients achieve and maintain optimal health through proper diet and lifestyle choices. The intention is to educate her clients on sustainable and traditional living. Ultimately, her goal is to promote wellness through nutrition, local eating, and the endorsement of farmer’s markets. Jennifer believes that balance is achievable by making these choices, keeping fit and using supplementation.



  • Nutrition; food reaction elimination scan.
  • Detoxification and Weight Loss
  • Testing (Allergy, Hormone Panel, Micronutrient Deficiency)
  • Supplementation
  • Wellness Home Education
  • Perception Reframing (How Emotions affect our Health)


  • 3 Month Detoxification
  • 3-6 month HolHealth Lifestyle (TBA) This will include standard nutrition assessments, a micronutrient panel, and possibly Crossover are in chiropractic and massage. There will be at least 2 meetings between doctor and NT to determine course of care
  • Programs TBD: Candida, Preconception/Fertility, Sports Nutrition for Athletes


Services Fees
Initial Consultation $120
1 hour Consultation $70
45 minutes $60
½ hour $50
Advanced Nutrition Elimination Scan $30
Evox (TBA) $95
Generational Scan (5)(TBA) $450


Confidential Health Questionnaire

Disclaimer and Waiver

Personal Food Journal 5 Days

The Yeast Connection Candidate Questionnaire


Jennifer Doctorovich