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Fibromyalgia, Genetic Expression and Natural Relief in Houston

Always Tired, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Natural ReliefFibromyalgia is a condition that affects approximately 2-7% (3-20 million people) of the American population.1 It is a condition that affects women 10 times more than men, with symptoms varying from pain all over the body, sleep problems, to poor cognitive ability (cloudy thinking). It is known that Fibromyalgia patients exhibit abnormal activity in how the body perceives pain through the Central Nervous System (CNS) which is made up of the brain and spinal cord. These changes include neurological and chemical changes that cause a condition known as “wind up” when it comes to feeling pain related to Fibromyalgia.2,3 The most recent research shows that Fibromyalgia patients have a decreased genetic expression of chemicals important in the immune system.4 To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome download our complimentary e-book Simple and Extremely Effective Ways to End Fibromyalgia Symptoms without Drugs by clicking the image below. Houston fibromyalgia specialist In Houston Texas Dr. Jason Minogue is helping patients get natural relief from fibromyalgia symptoms. Dr Minogue is an Upper Cervical Chiropractor that focuses on the Atlas (C1) vertebra. It has been proven that when the Atlas, which is the first bone at the top of the neck is misaligned from the normal position it has negative affects on the body. If the Atlas is misaligned it affects the neurological connection to expressing the genes and properly producing chemicals that control pain and immune system function.5 Upper Cervical Chiropractors like Dr Minogue, use specialized tools and testing to determine the exact cause of Fibromyalgia. Once the criteria has been met, a precise adjustment is delivered according to each individual patient’s needs. When the Atlas is back in the correct position the brain and body can begin communicating and functioning as normal. When the body has returned to its normal function, the healing of Fibromyalgia symptoms start to occur. References:

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