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Discover Natural Relief for Vertigo With NUCCA

Hands grasping sunVertigo is the false sensation of movement or dizziness as if the world was spinning. This sensation can range from mild episodes to severe, extended attacks. Vertigo is sometimes accompanied by the following:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Hearing loss
  • Tinnitus (ear ringing)
  • A feeling of ear fullness or pressure

There are several different types of vertigo. These include positional, post-traumatic and cervicogenic vertigo (dizziness related to the neck).

Dizziness, instability and imbalance occur in approximately 50% of all head or neck injuries. This includes even mild injuries that don’t require medical attention. According to medical literature, vertigo can also be caused by hyperactivity or irritation to the joints and nerves in the upper neck. These assist in the coordination of the eyes, head and body, as well as control posture and spatial orientation.

How NUCCA Can Help

If you have gone to ENTs (ear, nose and throat doctors) and neurologists without any solution for your vertigo, don’t give up. NUCCA chiropractic has helped so many others with your same condition.

The first step is getting specialized NUCCA X-rays. We take these to evaluate the neck from a three-dimensional perspective. The X-rays allow us to find the cause of vertigo. Using NUCCA adjustments, we then can correct the pressure on the brain stem, which is where the inner ear nerves originate (Cranial Nerve 8).

See for yourself how NUCCA adjustments have helped other patients with vertigo. Check out our testimonials on Houston Spinal Care’s YouTube channel!

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