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Patient Reviews

I Trust My Doctor

This is the first time in a long time that I truly feel hopeful that I will get better, and that’s thanks to Dr. Jason. This is the only chiropractor I have ever looked forward to seeing for adjustments. I have never had to wait for an appointment, and Dulcé is wonderful! She is always so sweet and smiling when you walk in the door, she schedules my appointments for weeks at a time which fantastic, and always goes above and beyond to help me with anything I need. It’s very refreshing to walk into an atmosphere that instantly calms and relaxes you, especially if you’re living with constant pain. I love that when you walk in, there is always so much, in depth, information on “all things upper cervical” on the tv screen. It’s fascinating! Every time I come for an appointment I learn something new, and I feel that’s how it should be!

I feel that being educated on what’s really going on with your body and condition is such a crucial part of the healing road to recovery, and I get that here with each visit. It also brings a sense of closure to finally have the underlying problems identified, diagnosed, and explained. And also to know that I am not alone, that he has lots of other patients that have gone through and/are going through the same or similar things is just so comforting. Even more so to know that he was/is able to treat and help them! After years of horrible experiences, misdiagnoses, and bizarre and painful treatments, I was just in this state of hopelessness and sadness, and in more pain than when I started. I had tried several chiropractors and doctors and specialists, but none of them could help me. This pain just became this heavy, hopeless burden that consumed my life. To find a place like this – to finally have that quality of life back that I never thought I’d have again.. it just feels like a miracle – it’s liberating. I tell everyone I know about Dr. Jason, and about NUCCA. I wish everyone knew about this!! And I will spread the word any way that I can!!

This is the first time that I can honestly say that I trust my doctor, because I’m confident that the actual root of the problem is finally recognized! This place is a Godsend! The staff is beyond wonderful, and Dr. Jason has been amazing. He’s always so patient and listens to what I have to say, and answers all of my questions. You can feel that he genuinely cares about his patients and has such a spirit filled passion for his practice. I’m nothing short of blessed to have found this place. It’s given me back hope, and I‘m just so grateful that a place like this, NUCCA, Dr. Jason and staff, exists.

~Julia V., Houston, TX

My Overall Life Has Changed

My life has changed!

Coming for the first time was one of the most relaxing things I have ever done. I had been told I had one leg shorter than the other coupled with headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, arm pain and arm heaviness along with numbness in my hands. Quite truthfully, I had very little energy and virtually no concentration. Right now as I write this, it has been only two months and everything I have mentioned is either gone or so much better.

My overall life has changed! I walk around with a smile on my face and my family likes me again. Feeling better takes away the irritability and crankiness. I am more focused and able to concentrate on the good life rather than pain.

This type of care has provided me with the ability to heal and feel good without drugs. I no longer feel the need to take aspirin, etc to kill the pain. The only regret I have is not finding HSC sooner but that’s okay because today is great and life’s wonderful!!

~Beverly F.,Sugar Land, TX

Looking Forward to the Future

Prior to my current treatment some of my physical conditions that were a constant annoyance were a chronic pain in my right hip, sore and tired ankles that were very painful every time I got back up on my feet after resting for a while. I also had a sore neck that always dictated my turning my upper body to look sideways instead of moving just my head. A chronic sinus congestion that I have for over ten years that presented partial restriction in my breathing. As my therapy began and progressed I have noticed a major difference in all areas of affliction. My feet and ankles no longer give me pain. My hip is to the point I do not even notice the discomfort since it is almost all gone. My sinus problem has improved and to my surprise I can breathe without any nose spray or decongestants. I am really pleased with my results and look forward to the future. ~Joe M. Houston, TX

Carolyn GoldmanSOLO

NUCCA Chiropractic Has Changed My Life!

It resolved chronic left neck pain and arm numbness, lower back pain, PMS, ear pain, and urinary frequency. Sometimes the pain from these conditions was mild and sometimes severe.

I have more energy and feel my chronic fatigue has mostly been resolved. ~Carolyn G., Sugar Land, TX

Back Pain — No More Tens Unit

When I first came to Houston Spinal Care I was wearing a tens unit all day, especially when sitting for any length of time. I had to stand at my breakfast bar to use my laptop computer. I never sat at my desktop to work. Now I never wear the tins unit and I always sit at my desktop to work on the computer. I can also sit in the evening to read or watch TV. Before coming for treatment I had to lie on the floor to read or watch TV.

I chose this care on the recommendation of a friend, to whom I am very thankful. I have received warm caring attention to my health concerns from the staff. I recommend this office and treatment to anyone who wants to keep their health. Thank you! ~Phyllis W.

Knee, Hip and Lower Back Pain

Esther H SOLOWhen I first came to this office I had pain in my right knee, hip and lower back. I was a walking weather predictor. Whenever the weather was going to change I knew it with out having to listen to the TV or radio. I was also favoring one side. After my first alignment the pain in my knee and hip was gone and I could also sit up straight. My lower back pain is no more. I feel so good I catch myself wondering that something must not be right because I didn’t know I could ever feel this good. All my aches and pains are gone and I feel that I will not miss them! I tell everyone how great I feel and suggest that they too can feel good if they just give it a try. When I heard about Houston Spinal care in the paper I decided to give it a try – after all I couldn’t feel any worse. The Chiropractic Assistants are very friendly and I felt very welcome and at ease. ~Esther H. Houston, TX

Head-On Collision

Mona GarretSOLOOn November of 1979 I was involved in a head-on collision that took a tremendous toll on my body and health. Over the past year I have been noticing my health take a downward turn. My energy level was low and my pain was great, I was nervous, and my clothes were twisting on me to name just a few things that were wrong. One day after being in a lot of pain from a pulled muscle in my back my friend, Ann, approached me about getting an evaluation. I did not hesitate to say yes to her when she told me of this gentle way of adjusting people.

I am now four weeks into my treatment and feeling great! My energy level is high, my pain is almost completely gone, I can get up from a seated position with no help at all and I am stable in my walking. I use to feel wobbly like I was going to fall.

Thank You for giving me my life back! God Bless you. ~Mona G., League City, TX[/box]


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