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Patient Reviews

Arm Weakness

The Problem: Around four years ago, I had noticed some weakness in my right arm. Thinking I needed to get more physical and exercise, began a regular workout routine three times a week. It didn’t help much at all. Since the weakness was slightly noticeable I kept going. Two years later, I had to use my left arm to lift the right arm to get dishes down from the cabinets almost dropping them in the process. Time to do something about what was going on.
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I have always been (I thought) relatively healthy. I would see three doctors, that being a gynecologist, the eyes doctor and the dentist for regular once a year checkups. I started seeing a neurologist in March of 2004. From that time on, it was one test after another and lots of money later. The neurologist was leaning towards ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). She did tell me that I had a C5-6. She could tell that from a hump at the back of my neck. All these doctor visits became very stressful for me. I started seeking help from alternative providers after I discovered that a prescription drug I had been taking for allergies for two years before I got to the point I was in my health, would cause symptoms very much like ALS. And then there was the neck surgery they were pushing for. Knowing of three people who had cervical disc fusion surgery- one a young man who died leaving a two year old son behind, another had complications and almost died. One who had complications, swelled up like she was poisoned and then found out her vocal cords had been damaged and she could not talk above a whisper. THIS WAS NOT FOR ME!

The Recommendation: By God’s leading, I ran into a friend whose husband had been treated at Houston Spinal Care. Pleased with his results, she recommended that I see Dr. Rob. As a patient of traditional chiropractic, and unfamiliar with NUCCA treatment methods, I could not get a grip on how such a gentle form of chiropractic adjustment could get the kind of results she told me her husband and others she had recommended the treatment to, were experiencing. But, hey it was better to try this than have surgery. However, I must admit I was skeptical.

The Miracle Story: After the first gentle adjustment, I went back to work (6 miles away). By the time I got there, I went into the ladies room and could not believe my eyes. I was standing straighter. I had rosy color in my cheeks. I no longer use makeup for color in my cheeks. I got home that evening, and realized I had warm hands and feet. Hands and feet have always been cold have been ward for five weeks. I felt and walked taller. The next week, I noticed I had energy. I had been so tired, for so long, I had forgotten what energy was and now I had some. I was sleeping through the night without getting up to go to the bathroom. I had energy, I was getting much needed sleep and my bladder was getting a break. If that wasn’t enough, my left knee that had been irritating me was no longer painful. The next week, I noticed that I was no longer aware of my prolapsed bladder (the doctors had said they could do surgery on that too). Painful calluses on the balls of my feet are smaller and a bunion on my right foot is almost in position. Te best part, I believe my temperament has improved. I have been told by fellow co-workers, friends and family they are seeing a difference in my- a healthier look, the hump in the back of my neck from the herniated discs as well as the way I am carrying myself. Things have changed and I didn’t come in for all this. I have lived with some of these things so long – it was a way of life. I GOT A BONUS! Oh yeah, the right arm – it’s improving too!

I look forward to coming in for my “Attitude Adjustment” (my husband is glad I do too). I can’t wait to see what discovery/ies I make each week as treatment continues to improve things in my body, mind and attitude. After all, when you feel good, life is good. It’s a process- and exciting journey into new life.

I find the staff at Houston Spinal Care to be professional, pleasant, friendly, caring, compassionate and genuinely dedicated to helping people gets their lives back and on track. ~Gail C.

Lupus and Vertigo – “I Feel like a New Person”

I had a really bad pull in my back and when the latest incidence happened I had to call my office and miss work since I could hardly move around. That morning I had found one of Houston Spinal Care’s advertisements in the Houston Chronicle and decided to call and see if I could get an appointment. I was able to be seen that afternoon. I have seen other chiropractors in the past and would get the “snap & crack” correction and feel better for a while. I have now been coming twice a week for eight weeks. I feel like a new person.

You see, I have Lupus. I have experienced episode of vertigo off and on. Undergone MRI’s and so many test that I had really become depressed and was withdrawing from outside activities. Now I am kidding around again, I feel upbeat and enjoy getting active with friends and family. My lupus is improving, my vertigo is gone and some other problems have either totally gone a way or are so slight that I don’t even notice them. Oh, I still get what I call a “tweek” every now and then, but to my surprise my body is now doing what it is supposed to do. “Mend it self.”

I am so grateful that I made that phone call eight weeks ago. It has changed my life; I have one again. It is the best organized doctor’s office I have ever been to. No waiting for and hour after you arrive on time. They are always on time, ready to serve you and make things better. My last word to you, are “Thank you for giving me my life back” without drugs. ~Jane H.

Motorcycle Accident

I was injured in a motorcycle wreck in my teens and as a result I suffered from chronic neck, back, and leg pain. I decided to try Houston Spinal Care and to tell the truth I was “very pessimistic” about what they could do for me. That was in June’05. Wow!! It is now Nov, ’05 and I actually can say I have my life back! I lead a sometimes trying and stressful lifestyle as a police officer in Houston and since being cared for at Houston Spinal Care, I can do my job without the chronic pain and with confidence that I am physically handle any situation. The staff at Houston Spinal Care is great and they have helped me to make my life fun and enjoyable again. “Pain Free” ~Lloyd S.

Extreme Pain in my Neck and Right Shoulder

When I first came to Houston Spinal Care I was having extreme pain in my neck and right shoulder. The pain would also extend to my lower back intermittently. I could not sleep, felt depressed, and tired all the time. A former neighbor of mine referred me after she had been successfully treated here.

I will admit that I had never seriously considered Chiropractic care as I did not want to have my spine “cracked”. My neighbor explained to me that NUCCA is a different technique. I have been going to Houston Spinal Care for about 10 months and feel so much better. I rarely have neck and back pain now and when I do I can tell I need and adjustment. Although I have never been athletic I now feel so good I have joined a running group. I plan to run in the Houston half marathon in January of 2007.
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I live a good distance away from the office and have also had several out of town emergencies which have prevented me from being seen on a regular schedule. In spite of these obstacles he has been able to treat me successfully. I will wholeheartedly recommend Houston Spinal Care as I am amazed and thrilled with how much better I feel.

I also want to compliment his staff as they are always helpful and understanding when unexpected changes in my schedule occur

~Susan Terrell, Tomball, TX

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Headaches, Pain, Not Able to Sleep

Benita MettingWhen I first came, I was a mess. I had pain everywhere and could not sleep or get comfortable. I had headaches all the time and in general felt lousy. That was February 2004. Now five months later I am pain free at least half of the time. When I get sleep I get restful sleep and not just tossing and turning all night. I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and this has really helped these symptoms, too. I can’t say enough for how this has improved my quality of life.

I know that through a mutual friend, God sent me to Houston Spinal Care and I thank Him everyday! I was truly at the end of my rope, as they say. I was afraid that there was not any help for me. God and NUCCA changed that for me! ~Benita M., Spring, TX

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Jim SchulmireSOLOI want to thank you for helping me with my pain. I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia in January of 2003. I suffered with pain that I never thought possible. I would sit curled up in a fetal position and cry for hours. I truly wished I could just die. I went to our family doctor and he referred me to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. She sent me to have an MRI to be sure I didn’t have a tumor. When that proved nothing, she sent me to see a Neurologist. I had been put on Neurontin and Tryliptal medicines to help with the pain, but nothing seemed to help. I continued to take the medicine and went back to the doctor several times. He conducted a test that was very expensive, and basically told me that he couldn’t find any reason for the disease. The medical profession didn’t know what caused this horrible disease, or how to get rid of it.
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During this time I lost about 4 months of work. I would get up and go to work, but within about one or two hours I would call my wife to come get me. It was very difficult to keep up with the bills, etc.

I have a dear friend who lives in Utah, and she recommended going to a NUCCA Chiropractor. I was not sure that would help and was tired of paying for doctors to do basically nothing. After much persuading, I finally contacted Houston Spinal Care.

When I first met with them, I felt good about what they do. He spent time with me explaining what he does and how he planned to help me. He explained what he felt was going on and what he would do to help improve my overall health. I began going to him in November 2003.

After my first visit, I didn’t think he had done anything. However, later that day I did notice that I felt better. I decided to keep going and give him a chance. I am eternally grateful that I did. I slowly began to reduce the medication that I was taking, because I don’t like taking medication and I decided I wanted to be medicine free as soon as possible. After about 18 months, I was off all medicines and because of NUCCA, I am pain free. I feel great and I am convinced that it is because of what he does, that I am better.

I have been medicine free since around August or September of 2004. I am very grateful to Houston Spinal Care for the work they do and the willingness to help me. Thanks again! ~Jim S., Magnolia, TX

“Your Job is to Enjoy Your Life!”

Jeannie GambilSOLOI came to Houston Spinal Care in early March, 2003, after having been under the care of a doctor and in treatment (physical therapy) for 4 ½ months for debilitating difficulties with my back (lower back, especially near my waist, with pain all up and down). Since mid-October, 2003, I had been unable to be at my work – teaching young children music. The doctor that I was seeing didn’t offer hope for much improvement. I felt that I could get better, and hoped chiropractic care would help me improve. At the recommendation of a friend, and because I had some knowledge of and bias toward the kind of chiropractic work they do, I chose Houston Spinal Care.

The treatment I receive at Houston Spinal Care is efficient, caring, and very helpful. I feel listened to, yet the process does not waste time. Besides the adjustments, other information is offered that is very helpful to me, resources that help me move toward better health in several areas of concern. On one of the early visits, I was trying to get clarification on what I needed to be doing. I said, “Doctor, you’re doing this and this and this: what did you say my job is?” “Your job,” he said, “is to enjoy your life.” This was a critical interaction for me – a powerful encouragement. I have kept these “instructions” before me as I have tried to “live my way” out of a terribly difficult time, and into days of rediscovering and enjoying my life.
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In early September, I was called to West Texas as my mother took a serious turn, and began, as we understood during that week, the journey toward her death. Late in that week, we were advised that Mamma was strong, and we could be looking at several days or weeks of being with her and caring for her during these precious days. These days with my Mother were a treasure as my Dad and sister and brothers and I were constantly with her. My back had begun to really give me trouble, and I was concerned about the days ahead, leaning down to her and receiving these days of being with her.

After a week in Abilene, I returned to Houston, to be there, just a couple of days, to be with my daughter who was moving back to Texas, and who had just a few days “in our house.” I returned to Houston on a Sunday morning, mostly unpacked, and enjoyed helping my daughter choose paint and decide on refinishing processes for a large cabinet that she was building. The next morning, the news from Abilene was that I should return. “Come on today,” the nurse, our good friend, advised. The doctor stayed in his office into the noon hour in order for me to get my things back in the car, get to the office, and get back on the highway from that side of town. I did need an adjustment, and my back was dramatically improved during the days after that. My mother died that evening, about 2 hours after I got back to Abilene to be with her. It is hard to name the gratitude that I feel for being able to live through those days – to grieve and to celebrate my mother and be with family and friends – without the constant and menacing distraction of a hurting back.

Although less dramatic than the example just given, most of my days now are lived in this gratitude. It is frightening – beyond words – to find yourself thrown off your horse and doctors and others telling you not to expect “much more improvement.” Other parts of me were “ailing” (especially my knees and digestive systems) when I got to Houston Spinal Care, and the doctor obviously wanted all of these symptoms listed during his initial assessments. At the time, I was working hard to do everything advised in order to deal with these difficulties, and I was surprised and heartened that someone was attending to them – seriously attending, with expectation of my getting better. I accept that spinal alignment allows – opens up – ways for my body to heal itself. Here, they have also supported my multi-faceted efforts toward healing – changing doctors, working with a Healing Touch practitioner, my unrelenting practice of the stretching/strengthening back exercises I learned in physical therapy. I now enjoy improvement in all of these physical areas as well as a healing of spirit and attitude. I celebrate that I have some way to be “in my days,” to enjoy my life and to move continuously toward a healthier me.

And then there was dancing . . . “If you get us dancing again,” I said, one day, laughing, “we’ll send you to Hawaii.” I could tell he was serious when he said, “You can dance again.” For a while my knees, then certainly the back problems, had kept my husband and I from dancing, which we really enjoy. And now, my life again includes dancing. We’ve enjoyed some delightful times this fall going dancing with family and friends and enjoying the dancing at a wedding. I’ve picked up other activities that I enjoy, and am now looking to figure out a new job, some involvement that is not so close to the ground as working with very young children.

I wish I could include tickets to Hawaii with this letter. Until we are able to do that, I’ll just try to pay back a little each day by enjoying my life. ~Jeannie Gambill

Chiropractic Care Has Improved My Quality Of Life

RUDYThe year 2004 began with the need for surgery to open the carotid artery on the left side of my neck. This was accomplished on February 26, 2004, by the use of a new procedure of inserting a stint in my neck instead of surgery.

In July I begin to experience difficulty walking and fell a couple of times. Not knowing what was wrong I went on vacation for about ten days and the difficulty of walking became more difficult. I spent about two weeks going to doctors, x-rays, cat scans, MRI, and other medical treatments. It was determined that I had a pinched nerve in my spine and a friend referred me for treatment. After two weeks of adjustments I began to walk with no trouble and after the first month I resumed my normal life of working, exercising and most everything I did before.

This care has and is continuing to improve my quality of life.

The reason I chose this type of treatment was because the alternate treatments, like surgery, were not acceptable until I had tried all other types of treatment. My experience in the office has been friendly and uplifting. There is a very pleasant atmosphere with respect and dignity for all who come in. Also, the treatment is very professional. I have and will continue to refer my friends and family to utilize this kind of care.

~Rudolph H., Spring, TX

TMJ- Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

KarenT-150I’ve known for over 35 years what was ahead. Knowing what’s ahead and accepting it are two different matters. They told me when I was 13 years old that I had TMJ- temporomandibular joint dysfunction. So, I knew that by time I was 50 I might be nearly crippled by headaches, neck and shoulder pain, hearing loss, restricted range of motion, weakness, and the neurological side effects of nearly constant muscle constriction in my neck and jaw. Sure enough, as I neared 40 the signs were unmistakable. That’s when my search for a solution began.
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Early on I eliminated surgery as an option. Drugs were pointless. Orthodontia was a little scary. I turned to Chiropractic. For over 10 years I’ve been able to hold the symptoms at bay. But after I celebrated my 51st birthday, I realized that I really wanted more. I wanted freedom and as near to a cure as possible.

Early this year, a friend and fellow massage therapist recommended NUCCA care to me. After I was a little skeptical, but she was so impressed and showed me how much her own issues had improved in such a very short time that I had to check it out. I will forever be grateful to my friend DJ for that referral.

Almost immediately, and increasingly since my first visit, I have experienced surprising improvement. I forget that I had constant pain on the left side of my head. I can look from side to side without anticipating muscle spasm. I can open my mouth. I can lift my arms. I can balance. I have effortlessly correct posture. My head rests lightly on the top pf my neck and swivels as it was designed to do. My thinking and focus are clearer. My energy is abundant and my mood positive.

I can dance. Thank you! Proudly and gratefully signed, Karen T.

Car Accident

Kaye Candella SOLO
My life before Nov. 2005 was filled with 3 kids and my husband. He and I played golf once a week together. During the summer we did weekend lake trips with the jet skis. Then I had a car accident the week before Thanksgiving.

It was pretty violent- two cars hit me and rolled my vehicle. I walked away. I didn’t have to go to the hospital. I considered this my miracle considering the extensive damage to all 3 vehicles. I entered physical therapy two weeks later.
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The severe headaches started about that time. A month later I had an MRI and then started bi-weekly therapy. My orthopedic maintained me with medication. The activities in my life became non-existent. No more golf. No more lake. Message therapy helped with the muscle spasms that would grip the back of my neck and head. But if I missed her even once I would have to drug myself and do nothing but lay flat for 2-3 days in excruciating pain.

My life for the next 6 months was filled with pain. Then people started saying surgery, and removing disks, and inserting nerve stimulators into my spine, and stronger pain medication. I had a cortisone injection with sedation that actually made me worse.

My life had now gone completely crazy and was taking me, as a person, with it. Then my insurance agent, of all people, told me about NUCCA. How it only worked with the upper neck and shoulders and that he would change my life. And I am thinking- “Yeah, sure. My life will never be changed; this is me now: head fit to split, neck and shoulders under constant tension, can’t even wash the car without sending me into spasms, ringing in my ears, can’t even talk on the phone without my fingers going tingling and then numb. Basically, my life and its quality was gone as I knew it.” I was thinking “A Chiropractor? No, no cracking or twisting, no, not for me.” My insurance agent said “no, just try it- he does not do that, – just try- besides look at your other alternatives you are facing.”

So I call NUCCA my new miracle. This was my leap of faith and has given me my life back. I have had one headache in 4 weeks. I am completely off all drugs. I have experienced an amazing spike in energy. My depression at my loss of life is non-existent now. I still have some work to do. I have my life back though, and my desire of life. It is amazing what lack of pain does- what it does is it makes you want to live life to the fullest. NUCCA has given me my life back!


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