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Patient Reviews

Happy to be Pain Free

When my wife suggested that she go to see you regarding neck pain she had for some fifty years, I had my doubts about results. Now I see she has done so well and for the first time is completely free of neck pain that I decided to try this even though I’m 85 years old and my bones should be stiff as boards.

Thanks to you, my neck feels great and I have movement than I ever thought I’d regain. I can look at the ceiling or over my shoulder without pain. I drove a Greyhound bus for thirty years and frankly thought a sore neck was simply an occupational hazard. Now I see that science and super training can stop what formerly was not possible to stop. I truly enjoy my pain-free old age. ~Chuck H. Houston, TX

Neck and Shoulder Stiffness

When I came I had stiffness in my neck and between the shoulders, with constant pain in those two areas and my lower back. Also, I had numbness in my right hand and forearm. All of the above symptoms have abated except a minor low back pain on one side only, more like a pulled muscle.

Before beginning treatments, my life was going to work and going home to crawl into bed. Now I finish work more efficiently to leave the office earlier, do errands, chores around the house and have energy to do many more activities that put pleasure back into my life. The day is over before I am ready to stop!

Being a chiropractic believer for over 35 years and seeing and experiencing the changes in care during those years, I wasn’t really sure what this type of care would be like. Now I am a believer and would recommend this care to others. It’s a pleasure coming into this office and I look forward to each visit!! Although there is still a ways to go in my recovery, I know time and treatment will prove to continue to bring my health to the point to enjoy life in the fullest. ~Barbara H. Manvel, TX

An Enhanced Quality of Life

I’ve had lower back pains for many years and have had some “temporary fixes” but nothing to compare with the relief I’ve experienced since coming to you.

Thank you so much for your wonderful treatments that have not only aligned my spine but another big plus, they have greatly enhanced my quality of life. ~Mary S. Houston, TX

Fibromyalgia- What a Difference it Has Made in my Life

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus or similar auto immune disease in 1994. Later Fibromyalgia was added to the diagnosis. I had bounced from one Rheumatologist to another all of which just treated my symptoms. One told me the goal was to have me 70% free of pain. Then a friend started with NUCCA care which really helped her back pain. So when she offered me a gift certificate for a free visit I was eager to try. I’ve always believed in an active approach to my health care and I had faith in the principle that my body could heal itself if given the chance. I found myself requiring less and less medications. Today after 10 weeks of care I find myself 95% free of pain and on at least half of the prescriptions. I feel sure that eventually I can go off most or all of my medication.

I would recommend this office to everyone. I know what a difference it has made in my life. Thank you! ~Terry P. Tomball, TX

NUCCA Helped Me With Multiple Sclerosis

I have had multiple sclerosis for the past 22 years. Prior to coming to Houston Spinal Care I had tremendous difficulty walking in fact I felt that I was rapidly progressing towards a wheel chair. My balance was very unstable. Also, I was unable to empty my bladder, had trouble initiating a urine steam and sometimes had to catherize myself. I was unable to read except short simple sentences and my concentration was poor. I felt hopeless and feared for the future. After just three months of Upper Cervical Chiropractic care I have improved tremendously! I am almost ready to throw away my cane my walking has improved so much. I have regained control of my bladder and have not needed to catherize myself since initiating treatment! My concentration has improved and I can read a lot more now. Best of all, I am hopeful about the future and am confident that my health will be restored.

Thanks to God! ~Imelda M. Houston, TX

I Was Told That Surgery “Might” Help

When I first came I had been told by two neurosurgeons that I should have my neck operated on, complete with titanium plate, with a 50/50 chance of leaving pain behind. I would have none of that so I put my trust in the NUCCA method of chiropractic. I felt that if given the right tools my body would heal itself and I was right. By straightening my atlas vertebra I found my neck had more freedom and the pain subsided. Over time, my appointments were farther between which delighted me to know that my body was holding its natural position. The office itself is pleasant and it has been a most wonderful experience. I recommend it to everyone and I feel blessed that I found the NUCCA technique that has given my body back to me. ~Christy S. Houston, TX

I Was a Skeptic

My last few years have been tough. I’ve gone to orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, many chiropractors, physical therapist – even went to Arizona because my niece is an OB/GYN and she took me to a “muscle specialist” he gave me relief but I still was not doing what I wanted to do. This past December through March 2004 I was in the bed unable to walk. I started coming towards the end of August 2004 and was not impressed or encouraged at first. However, I began to notice that I was doing more and more and not staying in the bed as much and taking less and less pain medication.

The assistant pastor and his wife at my church are treated here and my best friend, Ann’s husband, Bob. At first I would call Ann and threaten never to return for anymore treatments but she talked me into sticking with it for at least 6 weeks.

Thank God I did because last week I actually went outside and cloroxed all the gutters and the trim work on my house. I had not been able to do anything of that magnitude for three years – my housekeeper has had to do it all and best of all I had no pain afterwards.

I worked at the Medical Center for Methodist Hospital for years as a lab technician in the Gastroenterology Dept. and I know fine doctors but none finer than here. I am really happy! ~Rebecca D. Pearland, TX


Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is something different and wonderful and you’ll never believe it until you witness it working for you with your own eyes. It is incredible that your body can respond the way it does. Why not “ask” your body what it needs, instead of guessing how much of a supplement you might or might not need to take? Doesn’t it make sense that you might need more or less or none at all of one thing than someone else? Leslie and NRT are truly a Godsend for me. Thanks to Leslie and NRT, after 31 years of not sleeping well, within a matter of a few weeks I was finally getting a good night’s sleep; my arthritis and fibromyalgia are now under control; I no longer have chronic fatigue; my allergies are better; and, I am not taking tons of prescription medication. Come see for yourself how NRT can work for you. It is truly amazing. ~Cindy H.

Ear Infections

By the time my daughter, Brittany, was 9 months she had experienced numerous ear infections. Each required a 10 day round of antibiotics only to reoccur again. She rarely slept through the night.

Her pediatrician referred her to an ENT as a possible candidate for tubes. At the suggestion of a patient, I took her here instead. She is now 11 months old and has not had an ear infection or sleepless night since.

A few weeks ago our family went through a stomach virus that lasted each of us 48 hours. Brittany woke up throwing up and very lethargic. I called to cancel her appointment and they suggested I bring her in. We went in throwing up on the way. After her adjustment she did not throw up again and was back to her normal self by early afternoon. ~Jennifer H. Willis, TX

NUCCA Helped When Others Could Not

Wow! After only four weeks, I feel almost new! I went from one doctor to another, hospitalized a month, given shots, x-rayed, and looked at like I was crazy. I kept telling them for one in a half years how I felt and they gave me more pills, depression, loss of apatite, sleeping all the time. Then my neighbor “forced” me into coming. The relief here brought into my life is priceless. All my friends have noticed I’m getting back to my old self. Thank you! ~Carolyn M. P., TX


I cannot begin to describe how much NRT has helped me with my health, but I wanted to write a little blurb that someone else could read to get and idea of how amazing her work is.

When I first came for help three years ago, I felt like I was grasping for life. Blood tests in the emergency room didn’t reveal to doctors what my problem was. But after the NRT non-invasive procedure, she could tell me exactly what was going on with me. I couldn’t’t believe it! She prescribed the nutrients I needed to make a drastic difference in an amazingly short time. Then as my conditioned improved, she could continually evaluate the changes and alter my nutrient prescription until I reached optimal health.
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I allowed my body to become out of balance again this year because of stress during graduate school, parenting, and perimenopause. Again, she was able to quickly detect what my body needed and prescribe the perfect nutrients for me. My body was constantly changing, and it would have taken many expensive blood tests for a doctor to figure out what was going on. However, I didn’t have to pay for blood test, and I didn’t have to do extra driving to get a blood test. I didn’t have to do any blood tests at all with Leslie! And no doctor could have pinpointed what I needed like Leslie did.

I could go on and on about what Houston Spinal Care has done for my health and how quickly NRT was able to discover which of my internal organs were being challenged (and causing the symptoms I was experiencing), but it would take too long…

One of the many amazing bonuses of the NRT procedure is that it can tell when my immune system is weak even when I feel okay. This has made it possible for me to boost my immune system before my children got sick so that I could take care of them.

NRT can also tell me which foods I cannot tolerate. I cannot imagine the time and expense this would take with an allergy specialist!

I encourage anyone who feels out of balance or not optimally well to try their Nutritional services. It is sure to help! ~Sincerely, Claire T.

NUCCA Changed this Little Boy’s Life!

Clayton was 4 years old when he came in for care after years of not knowing what was wrong. He could never walk without falling and he never bent his knees when he walked. He couldn’t ride his tricycle. I asked Clayton’s primary care doctor about these treatments and his concern was all the x-rays. After the doctor explained there was very little radiation exposure we preceded with the x-rays and adjustments. He was diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth (a degenerative neuro-muscular disease) and maybe Cerebral Palsy at Texas Children’s Hospital. After the very first adjustment, with tears of joy, I watched him walk to me for the first time in his life with bended knees.

Thank you! Now Clayton rides a regular bike, goes to school and can even ride a school bus.

You will never know how grateful I am for this little boy’s life to be changed so much for the good! ~Rene T. C., TX


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