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Patient Reviews

I feel like a new person!

I came to consult with Houston Spinal Care because I was suffering with pain in my jaw due to TMJ Disorder. The back of my head, neck, shoulders, and back were in pain too. Unable to sleep my body was not receiving enough oxygen and the pain intensified. Later I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder. A CPAP mask was prescribed to help me sleep. I used the mask for a year and was sleeping better without the mask I would sleep for a few hours only. My problems stem from an accident that happened when I was a toddler. I fell off the balcony of an apartment located on a third floor. Later in my life I had head surgery to remove a tumor. Probably the result of the fall. All this trauma has caused me so much pain throughout my life, and I thought I was supposed to live with it.

Now after the first 8 weeks of treatments at Houston Spinal Care I am almost pain free. I feel like a new person. In addition, I am able to sleep without the CPAP Mask most nights. How amazing is that? I never knew about this type of care until I came to Houston Spinal Care. It was the internet that led me to discover the type of treatment offered at Houston Spinal Care. I highly recommend Dr. Minogue because he gave me so much through his care and treatments. Their Facility offer so much hope for people like me who suffer because of accidents like mine. I will continue to follow their recommendations and treatments until I am fully recovered. Thank you Dr. Minogue for all you have done for me. I am grateful to you and all your staff who treat me so well. ~Helen M. Houston,TX

I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical

In 2000 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I visited fifteen different kinds of practitioners looking for relief without any significant success. I had accepted the fact that I had something wrong with me that could not be fixed. Pain was going to be part of my daily life, and the unrelenting fatigue was going to prevent me from fully participating in life.

In 2008 I was browsing the Internet and found an article on the NUCCA procedure. The explanation of the procedure and it’s affect on the body seemed to make sense. I decided to look into this further, scheduling an appointment with Houston Spinal Care.
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On my first visit, I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical. My skepticism faded in subsequent weeks under the care of Dr. Jason as daily headaches and intense shoulder and neck pain stopped being a part of my daily life.

Although I still have some pain when I do not do my part – when I overwork and do not properly take care of myself, I feel this treatment is making my body well again. It has given me back my life, and allows me to better deal with life’s stresses. To others who may have given up hope, I urge you to try this approach. In addition to the considerable skills of Dr. Jason, you will find the compassion offered by him as well as by the staff and will become a comforting part of your life.

The Houston Spinal Care office is a warm and welcoming environment with flexible schedules and efficient operations. Dr. Jason and staff make an excellent team that I am glad is on my side! ~Karen Simonton, TX

“Depression, Anxiety and Lower Back Pain”

Before receiving adjustments at Houston Spinal Care I suffered from a few things in my daily life that I had come to believe were normal. Left lower back pain was a constant nag while sitting, standing, walking and running. Being an ER technician, I am always on my feet so the pain was very evident throughout my twelve hour days. Other than my physical pain I was suffering anxiety and depression.

Wanting to avoid the stigma of taking medication for anxiety and depression I simply lived with it. I would have vain thoughts of other people thinking negative things about me and my character. Some times college seemed hopeless and the anxiety from the stress of college would keep me from sleeping. Ever since my adjustments began I have been able to control my thoughts and emotions with my Gods help. Where as before they controlled me, and I have not had one recollection of my lower back pain. ~Zane A. Conroe, TX

Neck and Back Injuries

I was having a massage and was explaining the various injuries to my neck and back, when the masseuse recommended NUCCA. I was having neck pain, sciatic pain severe enough to wake me up at night every hour on the hour, and I have some carpal tunnel symptoms that would also wake me up. Now I am able to sleep through the night, walking is pleasurable, and the carpal tunnel symptoms have been reduced dramatically.

Being able to stand up straight and have an even gait seems miraculous to me. Once I found out about some basic steps to take from materials given when I started Chiropractic, I became more proactive in doing things to help with the adjustments. Seeing the results for myself and feeling the difference in my body has made me want to share this type of care with others, even to the point of wanting to become an Upper Cervical Doctor of Chiropractic. I have experienced the more aggressive style of chiropractic for years without the same results. This chiropractic care also appeals to me with its meditative slant. The healing is not simply physical, but it is spiritual and mental. Being a nun, I know that prayer and meditation is essential to be whole, happy and healthy.

My experiences in the office have been wonderful: full of care, respect and expertise. I am even amazed at the technology available. Mostly, I am thankful for the doctors and the staff who are friendly, helpful and compassionate. ~Sister Deborah E. Clark, O.P., DMin

Psoriasis – “Never did I think that NUCCA would help me as much as it has”

At 24 years old having so much responsibility trying to care for my family I felt so over whelmed. I was always tired, tense, had trouble sleeping. I also had this constant pain in my neck and my psoriasis was the worst it had ever been. After speaking to a co-worker about some of my symptoms, she introduced me to Houston Spinal Care and the wonderful staff. Of course I was a bit skeptical about what a “chiropractor” could do for my psoriasis and asthma. But after seeing how well my co-worker was doing HSC was another “thing” I could try since nothing else was working for me.

It really surprised me how only after a few short months my psoriasis was completely gone and my energy level was restored. I could finally go to work, come home and be a mom without feeling so drained. No more sleepless nights and the pain in my neck was gone. Having my health back was my main priority and being here under care has been amazing! I didn’t think that I could be cured of my symptoms without any medication. The environment here at HSC is so peaceful and it all just helps with the healing process. Never did I think that NUCCA would help me as much as it has. ~ Elizabeth P. Houston,TX

Gentle Treatment But Powerful Results

When I came to Houston Spinal Care I had neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, and my right hip ached constantly. I would wake in the morning feeling tired because my neck and shoulders hurt.

Now after 8 treatments all my pain is gone and I sleep well and feel great!

I am very excited about this noninvasive treatment and how gentle it is but so powerful! ~ Patti T., Houston, TX

The Neurologist Was Leaning Towards ALS

The Problem: Around four years ago, I had noticed some weakness in my right arm. Thinking I needed to get more physical and exercise, began a regular workout routine three times a week. It didn’t help much at all. Since the weakness was slightly noticeable I kept going. Two years later, I had to use my left arm to lift the right arm to get dishes down from the cabinets almost dropping them in the process. Time to do something about what was going on.

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I have always been (I thought) relatively healthy. I would see three doctors, that being a gynecologist, the eyes doctor and the dentist for regular once a year checkups. I started seeing a neurologist in March of 2004. From that time on, it was one test after another and lots of money later. The neurologist was leaning towards ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). She did tell me that I had a C5-6. She could tell that from a hump at the back of my neck. All these doctor visits became very stressful for me. I started seeking help from alternative providers after I discovered that a prescription drug I had been taking for allergies for two years before I got to the point I was in my health, would cause symptoms very much like ALS. And then there was the neck surgery they were pushing for. Knowing of three people who had cervical disc fusion surgery- one a young man who died leaving a two year old son behind, another had complications and almost died. One who had complications, swelled up like she was poisoned and then found out her vocal cords had been damaged and she could not talk above a whisper. THAT WAS NOT FOR ME!

The Recommendation: By God’s leading, I ran into a friend whose husband had been treated at Houston Spinal Care. Pleased with his results, she recommended that I get evaluated. As a patient of traditional chiropractic, and unfamiliar with NUCCA treatment methods, I could not get a grip on how such a gentle form of chiropractic adjustment could get the kind of results she told me her husband and others she had recommended the treatment to, were experiencing. But, hey it was better to try this than have surgery. However, I must admit I was skeptical.

The Miracle Story: After the first gentle adjustment, I went back to work (6 miles away). By the time I got there, I went into the ladies room and could not believe my eyes. I was standing straighter. I had rosy color in my cheeks. I no longer use makeup for color in my cheeks. I got home that evening, and realized I had warm hands and feet. Hands and feet have always been cold have been ward for five weeks. I felt and walked taller. The next week, I noticed I had energy. I had been so tired, for so long, I had forgotten what energy was and now I had some. I was sleeping through the night without getting up to go to the bathroom. I had energy, I was getting much needed sleep and my bladder was getting a break. If that wasn’t enough, my left knee that had been irritating me was no longer painful. The next week, I noticed that I was no longer aware of my prolapsed bladder (the doctors had said they could do surgery on that too). Painful calluses on the balls of my feet are smaller and a bunion on my right foot is almost in position. The best part, I believe my temperament has improved. I have been told by fellow co-workers, friends and family they are seeing a difference in my- a healthier look, the hump in the back of my neck from the herniated discs as well as the way I am carrying myself. Things have changed and I didn’t come in for all this. I have lived with some of these things so long – it was a way of life. I GOT A BONUS! Oh yeah, the right arm – it’s improving too!

I look forward to coming in for my “Attitude Adjustment” (my husband is glad I do too). I can’t wait to see what discoveries I make each week as treatment continues to improve things in my body, mind and attitude. After all, when you feel good, life is good. It’s a process- and exciting journey into new life.

I find the staff at Houston Spinal Care to be professional, pleasant, friendly, caring, compassionate and genuinely dedicated to helping people gets their lives back and on track. ~ Gail C.

NUCCA Has Given Me A Fuller Life

When I became a patient I never expected the journey that it would take me. I was a patient for almost a year before I had the privilege of being a part of a team for something I believe in with all my heart.

I had been in so much pain for so long with my neck, shoulders, lower back and feet I didn’t dare to do anything that might cause me any more discomfort. I had been to many medical doctors and they all had different diagnoses about what the problems were but most wanted me to rely on pain medication. That was not a real option to me although I had to at times.

After only one adjustment I couldn’t believe the difference! That very weekend I went to with a friend to Canton, a huge trade day, where there is a lot of walking. After a few hours she asked me what in the world had I done that I could walk so long with no break.

My neck and should pain were also nearly nonexistent. For years I had been told the neck pain was a genetic weakness as most of my family had suffered with it.

That summer I was invited to float the river in New Braunfels. There is no way that I would have even considered this before, but I knew if I had pain afterwards where I could go to get “fixed”.

I plan on being under maintenance care for the rest of my life!

Thanks to God, and NUCCA my life is much fuller now! ~Susan G., Spring,TX

My Body Is Naturally Self Adjusting

I was referred by a client of mine. She explained what NUCCA Chiropractic care was and we talked about the treatment being very gentle. I was told the only vertebra adjusted was C1. I was skeptical and curious at the same time. So I booked an appointment as a last resort. For the past eighteen years I have been seeing a “Traditional Chiropractor”. These treatments were great however, my condition was not improving. In order to maintain the feeling of well being I would need to see my current Chiropractor every day during stressful times and a minimum of three times a week under normal circumstances.

I was growing more concerned with the symptoms I was having. The visible one of my head being crooked the blurred vision, mental confusion, constant headaches and a nagging, burning sensation under my right scapula and the fibromyalgia symptoms. My whole body just felt twisted and I was miserable. I thought for sure I would need another surgery at some point or to live on medication. This was unacceptable.
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So, I made the appointment and I was very impressed with the staff. Everyone is friendly and very respectful. They go above and beyond to make your visits comfortable and educational. My initial consultation had me intrigued. When I came back to review my initial results I was impressed. After my first adjustment I noticed a 100% improvement, unbelievable! I continued with the recommended treatment plan. Now, I have had a remarkable improvement in my overall health and wellness. It feels like I have been given a new lease on life. I can function. I am also impressed with the re-evaluations.

My body is naturally self adjusting. This is an awesome feeling. I can be tense and stressed and take a moment and it will adjust into place all by itself. My constant brain fog is going away. Life for me has taken on a whole new meaning. Things that I had given up and gotten depressed about have turned around. And more importantly others are noticing the changes as well. The knowledge you share and encourage us to seek and become aware of is awesome! I will give up a lot of things in my life, but not NUCCA!

~Tina W.

Multiple Sclerosis- “I Am Able To Do Things I Haven’t Done In Years.”

I am a 33 year old wife and mother and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis seven years ago. I began care in February 2007 after reading online that a connection could exist between MS and a previous head injury, which I had. I discovered that it could be possible that I had a subluxation which was irritating my nervous system. My symptoms included extreme fatigue, pain in various areas and head to toe flu-like pain, severe dizziness, frequent popping in the back of my head, short term memory loss, tingling in my feet and legs, loss of vision, insomnia, severe heat sensitivity, horrible pain in my shoulders and neck and difficulty thinking.
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I saw a segment on the news once where people were asked to drive a car that had been altered so that it responded the way a driver typically does after too many drinks. That is what life in my body felt like. It was swerving and starting and stopping and I wasn’t in control. Sometimes I would be speaking and a word would come out completely different than the one I intended. Like saying “chocolate” instead of “telephone”. When I spoke I was constantly thinking “Did I say the right words or did I just totally embarrass myself?” When I was working I had trouble thinking or staying awake. I had to quit because I was no longer able to physically get up and go to the office. Sometimes I would be so tired I had to lie down wherever I was even if that was the cereal isle at the grocery store. I woke up everyday feeling like I had the worst hangover ever.

After my first adjustment, the doctor asked me to leave the room we were in and walk down the hall of his office. I felt like I had stepped out of a dressing room with a whole new body and left my old one lying on the floor. EVERYTHING felt different! Things sounded different. Walking was an entirely new experience. I knew I had balance issues but I thought they came and went. I suddenly realized I had been continuously struggling to keep my balance. The ground felt bigger. It seemed as if the whole world had been tipped just a little – like the Leaning Tower of Pisa suddenly perfectly upright. The two most shocking moments of my life have been when I was told I had MS and when I walked down that hall in the office.

The most miraculous part of this for me has been the change in my reaction to heat. Before being under care, if I was exposed to warm temperatures I felt like I was going to die. Considering that summer here in Houston lasts about eight months I suffered from heat related problems almost constantly. My brain would shut down and I had trouble understanding what people were saying to me, much less communicating with others. I would be painfully tired for hours, sometimes days after being exposed to heat.

Now when I come for my appointments he asks about specific symptoms I had when I first came to him three months ago. The first thing I always think is “Oh yeah, I did have that. I totally forgot.” I would not believe any of this if it was not happening to me. This has been truly miraculous. I am able to do things I haven’t done in years. I still have days that are better than others but now my bad days are like what I used to consider a great day. In addition to how well I have responded to treatment I always enjoy visiting his office. The entire staff is helpful, informed and considerate. They have always seemed truly concerned with changing my quality of life. In the past I have experienced doctors who seemed to forget that I was an actual person who existed outside their office.

When we would drive past the park in our neighborhood my three year old daughter used to say, “We’ll go to the park another day” because I told her I was too sick to go so often that she didn’t even ask anymore. Her tone was always hopeful, not like she was hinting or trying to make me feel bad and that was the worst part. The other day out of the blue she looked at me and said “You’re not sick anymore”. This time her tone was like she had just been let in on a really juicy secret. ~Kathryn H.

This is Truly Marvelous!

My spine has been in alignment for 2 months. I can not tell you how wonderful it is to wake in the mornings with no lower back pain. I honestly did not realize how often I was in pain or very uncomfortable.

This is truly marvelous! I no longer fidget all the time trying to get comfortable or have to stop walking to give my lower back a rest. I sleep well now and I am less of a grouch.

You did that! I often find myself dancing around the house. AMAZING! ~Judy O. Houston, TX

Multiple Sclerosis

In 1984 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and was told many of the symptoms that I experienced were from the MS. When I first came I was tired all the time, even after a good nights sleep. I stumbled all the time, had numbness in my hands and I was always irritated and grumpy. Now I feel rested and I do not stumble anymore and best of all I have a much better outlook on life!

I thought all of my problems were caused by the MS but since most of them are now gone I have learned that they were in fact caused by my spine being out of alignment. I know as time goes by I will feel even better and better. ~Jo R. Stafford, TX

I Feel Better Than I Have in Years!

I had exhausted all Western Medicine-multiple specialists-with my chronic back pain, limp and overall poor health. Between orthopedics, neurologist and physical therapy 5 years was lost in my recovery. I sought help through my OB/GYN for a healer, specifically cranial therapy, due to a serious car injury in 1996 with head, neck and back trauma. I really needed to get well. I met Carolyn G., a massage therapist, and began treatment and this was the road to better health and living not through chemistry! She recommended NUCCA care and after only 1 month I could walk without a limp, bend and move freely without pain. I can’t express in words how great it feels to get out of bed on the first try rather than having to stretch 30 minutes before I can get up. What a terrible way to start the day!! NO MORE PAIN!! I am healing more everyday and I feel better than I have in years! ~Corine J.


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