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Patient Reviews

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

After a couple of years of trying to find out what was wrong with me, my medical doctor diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia. I thought, “Finally, a real diagnosis”. I was prescribed medication but my quality of life kept diminishing. I became home-bound. I thought life as I knew it, was over.

One night, I was determined to find out why I was living with CFS and Fibromyalgia. I searched many articles and found a link to Houston Spinal Care. The office was about an hour away. I called the next morning and made an appointment.
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I had a difficult time driving to my first appointment. I drove myself, though I had no idea how I made it there safely. I was in a great deal of pain and I was exhausted. I had not been driving much the last year. As I waited, I sat in the waiting room chair with my head down, eyes closed. The doctor came to greet me and gently said, “Hello, I’m Dr. Jason”. I opened my eyes and looked up. He reached out his hand to shake mine. I remember I was barely able to lift my arm. I proceeded to get up and follow him to his office. We sat down in his office and reviewed all my problems and concerns. I wondered if he would be just like some of the other doctors I had been to, yet Dr. Jason was very kind and seemed very interested in my health and well-being.

I completed the initial tests of the first visit and I dreaded the ride home as I climbed in my car.

A couple of days later, I went back to review my test results. I had been very hopeful that this would be my answer. As Dr. Jason explained the results of my testing, it was very validating to hear that my pain and fatigue were real and that he felt he could help me! I agreed to the treatment plan and was 100% committed. I then went to the treatment room where I received my first adjustment. I did not want to move from the table- I felt so comfortable at that moment. My pain seemed to fade away quickly. As I stood up, I felt a rush of clarity to my brain, almost a little light-headed as if oxygen was rushing to my brain. It felt very good. I proceeded to the relaxation room and fell asleep for about an hour. My body was in such a restful sleep and in no pain! I went to the front desk and apologized for falling asleep in the other room but they assured me it was alright, and I could rest there anytime I needed to after an adjustment. The office staff made me feel so comfortable.

That whole weekend, I ran around the house cleaning and singing. I was feeling great! My family was so surprised, since they had not seen me so active and cheerful for so long. I kept my appointments as outlined by Dr. Jason and I was getting better and better. Though I still have occasional ‘bad days’ I realized my body needed to re-adjust and heal. My tests showed improvement, and each month I feel better and better.

My CFS is under control and no Fibromyalgia pain! I experience mild pains occasionally, but not the severe pain I had been having for a couple years. My menstrual cycle has improved. I used to have horrible cramps and heavy flow, PMS and other symptoms that some experience with their cycles. I used to live on Tylenol and Advil, but now I am regular every month since staring NUCCA care. I had never been regular before in my life! My energy level has improved greatly. I am getting off many of my prescribed medications. I could list symptom after symptom that I had, is now improved. I now focus on all the positive things that I am experiencing with my health since I have been a patient of Houston Spinal Care.

Sharon L.
Alvin, TX

“Migraines, Chronic Neck and Back Pain…I was told surgery was my only answer”

When I was in my twenties, I was in a car accident that started me on a lifetime of experiencing chronic neck, shoulder and lower back pain. I have sought out many different types of medical help including orthopedic doctors, chiropractic doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, etc. Over the years, I developed arthritis, bone spurs and spinal deterioration. I was told by several orthopedic doctors that surgery was my only answer.

However, I have friends who have had neck and lower back surgery but unfortunately they ended up worse off after their surgeries. I always knew surgery would be my very last resort.
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We have recently moved to a small country town northwest of Montgomery,TX. My elderly aunt who lives in Houston told me about a NUCCA chiropractic doctor who was helping her but I put off making an appointment because of the long drive. As months went by, the intense pain I was experiencing became unbearable and I was having two migraines per week. The quality of my life had plummeted. I finally came to the realization that I needed help and I would drive anywhere to receive it. From the very first moment I saw Dr. Jason, I knew I was in the right place. He understood from my nerve scans and NUCCA xrays the reason for my pain and he reassured me that he could help me.

I did not experience immediate relief from the first few adjustments but I realized it might take awhile for the adjustments to hold because I had been out of alignment for so very long. I admit I did get discouraged after several weeks of adjustments when I had not progressed as I hoped I would. I would kid Dr. Jason and tell him I was tired of the bad Texas two step dance I was going forward 2 steps then backwards 2 steps. He would always laugh and encourage me to hang in there and that relief would soon be on the way. I had faith in Dr. Jason and believed in the NUCCA technique so no matter how I felt I kept driving the long drive in to get my weekly adjustments. I am so very happy to now report that I am no longer experiencing the chronic excruciating pain in my neck and shoulder. The quality of my life has improved beyond measure thanks to Dr. Jason. I now have my smile back and I am enjoying my life once again.

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Jason for his patience, encouragement and expertise. He is simply the Best! I would also like to mention that his staff is also wonderful. The staff is very compassionate and always happy to help with scheduling appointments. The massage therapist in Dr. Jason’s office, was also fantastic. I call them all my caring Angels!

Barbara H.
Montgomery, TX

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Balance, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain

I had numerous problems with my neck, shoulder, mid back, low back, and intestinal problems. I was on the computer one day searching, hoping, and praying for some clue or understanding of why the doctors could not offer me hope for all my ailments. Suddenly the Houston Spinal Care advertisement just popped up and I read the information which seemed to all make sense.

After my first NUCCA adjustment as I stood up, I felt I was once again, firmly planted on the ground. And then I realized, MY GOSH, I regained the curve in my low back! Up until my first adjustment, I had given-up and accepted this condition as permanent since I had a double fusion on my L4 & L5 spinal disc. The adjustments made me stand straighter and more naturally. I had forgotten how good that felt. It’s something I used to take for granted.
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I was able to walk with such ease and firmness; it made my whole body seem to feel stronger. The pains had been relieved and my stomach started making noises. I felt hungry again! That was surprising too. As I have not had any appetite for years. I only ate when I was weak and knew I needed to eat. I had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for over 20 years and suffered with chronic constipation also. The next day I had normal bowel movements. Two days later I went shopping for shoes with my husband. At first, I didn’t think anything of it, but this time was different, I called to my husband, “Look at me, I’m trying on shoes standing on one foot, without hanging onto you, or sitting down”. I know this may seem silly or unimportant to most, but for me it was amazing! I had always had to hang on to something, the wall, shelves, hoping the shoe rack wouldn’t fall, all the time thinking that was normal. Now that I know and remember what “normal” is, I don’t want to ever go back and accept what abnormal feels like. My experience with the office staff and Dr. Jason has been more than pleasant.

I have also brought in my first grandchild, Lauren, who is 10 years old, because of leg pain she was experiencing. She is a dancer and was on “America’s Got Talent” with her dance school and team of dancers! They even made it to Hollywood! I’m glad Lauren didn’t have to miss that! They were on TV at least 3 times.

I also brought in my daughter, Lauren’s mom, as she also has chronic back pain from an automobile accident, which she suffered a fractured vertebrae 15 years ago. She is a believer and regular patient. The first thing she noticed also was getting her curve in the low back. We all think Dr. Jason and his staff are great. The only thing I would change is to move his office closer to my home town, which is 60 miles through Houston. The trip is worth it!

~Shirley W.
Dayton, TX


I was dizzy and losing my coordination and range of motion. 14 months ago I was treated for “Vertigo” with prescriptions. 14 months later it returned. I was surfing the internet and I stumbled across Houston Spinal Care. I’ve had back and neck pain for more than 30 years. In 2001 I was told that my left rotator cuff needed surgery. I had a pain on top of my shoulder. In 2006 I had a fall and my right leg was always in pain and I could not cross it over my left on top of my knee. All these years I could not sleep at night. My first atlas bone alignment was the best thing that happened to me. Afterwards I was driving home and noticed my shoulder and neck pain was gone, that night I slept like a baby. The next morning I felt relaxed with no stress. My life has been changed!! I’m forever grateful. I highly recommend Dr. Jason and his wonderful staff. You have nothing to lose but pain.

~Felix D.
Freeport, TX


Worth Every Penny!

I am 64 years old and had back pain for about 10 years. I had stopped all exercise, my boss bought a new chair but I still had pain. I have been going to Houston Spinal Care for about 4 months and now I have no more pain. I walk every day at the mall during my lunch and aerobics every morning. I paid cash for all my treatments and I am worth every penny. I am getting ready to retire. I feel great and ready to enjoy life without pain!

Loyce A.
Houston, TX


Daily Headaches No More!

In September 2004 I began having severe headaches. My neck muscles would tighten up and a headache would quickly follow. I began with a local neurologist and he explained to me that the headaches were causing my neck to tighten, not the tight neck causing my headaches. This line of thinking lead me to 3 neurologists in the Houston area for attempted cures. Three hospital stays and many types of medicines were experimented with during the next 6 years, none of which stopped the pain much less a cure. My next step was to visit a Neurosurgeon. In November 2010 my wife spoke to one of Dr. Jason’s patients and discovered that our stories were very similar. Upon visiting with Dr. Jason I soon realized that what all the neurologists couldn’t explain, Dr. Jason was able to. Since being treated by Dr. Jason I have seen drastic positive changes in my headaches and my over all health. Where I used to have headaches almost daily, I have not had one for over a month now and counting. Dr Jason explained that it was in fact the neck muscles that are contracting and causing the headaches. I felt improvement after the first 2 visits!

Lake Jackson, TX

From Dubai to Houston: A JOURNEY TO RELIEF

Twenty Years ago my mom had a fall and recently, four years back we had a car accident, which we never expected to change into an upper cervical problem. I am 28 years old and live with my family in Dubai. My quest for curing my mom took me four years. In those four years, I met many practitioners, from all fields of medicine, but none could treat my mom’s problem, until fate took me to Dr. Jason Minogue, in Houston, Texas (U.S.A).

Since things got worse after the car accident, I’ll begin from there onwards. At the time, everything was fine, until someone rammed their car into us at a traffic light. Even after the accident, everyone including my mom was fine. Four months later, she felt heaviness in her head; her face was stiff and pins and needles along her arms. Things started getting worse from April 2008, when my mom had an x-ray done. She went to an Orthopedic doctor, who said, it’s something common for women of her age, it’s just a little degeneration at C6-C7, its nothing really, nothing that could stop her from enjoying the quality of life. WRONG. Her life was affected in the worst kind of way, she was in severe pain, with extremely stiff shoulders and neck. She temporarily went into depression, believing that she is dying, had dizzying spells and her head felt like a cannon ball was on top of it.
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The Orthopedic doctor was no help, so I took my mom to a traditional Chinese doctor, who is two hours away from where I live. He suggested Acupuncture (15 sessions), after the first 3-4 sessions, my mom felt better but not completely free of pain and stiffness. Her symptoms had reduced to a certain extent, about 30%, which was good enough for her, but they returned after two weeks and again she was in pain.

The pain made me think in ways I had never thought before, it was like I was a detective, I kept studying her pain, researching about it, on the net, any article or book I found, just about anything similar I came across. I picked up stuff thinking that maybe this is the key to my mom’s happiness. Eventually, when the Chinese treatment didn’t work, I took my mom to an Indian Ayurvedic Doctor, where he did Indian massages, using traditional oils with herbs. Once again, for the time being, she felt better, but it was not meant to last.

Now it was the summer of 2009, schools were off and it was vacation time for my two younger sisters. So like every other year, we decided to head to our country of origin, Pakistan. To kill two birds with a stone, would be the appropriate expression here, since we decided that it’ll be good for the younger ones to enjoy themselves among family, while at the same time, we’d consult another orthopedic doctor. Up until now my mom’s blood pressure was fine, only after the doctor in Pakistan suggested some form of physical therapy, did her blood pressure go up. The doctor gave her strong anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the stiffness in the neck and upper back. So now she was on medication and going through traction exercises. When the blood pressure shot up, the same doctor prescribed her a blood pressure medicine.

Our holidays were over. It was back to Dubai, which meant more doctors, more medicines and more lies. It was October 2009 and I come across the term Chiropractor. I researched it and find out who these doctors are and what they do, shortly after making the biggest mistake of my life by taking my mom to one of them. I sent the chiropractor my mom’s reports and x-rays which were done in 2008, and he convinced me that he could help my mom. Again he was two hours away from where I live, in fact all the doctors I mentioned are in another city, so nearly every day I used to take my mom to this chiropractor. He started treatment without taking any x-rays and suggested 8 sessions. During his session, he use to flip my mom’s head to one side and then the other side, and he used shock wave therapy, telling me that this is the machine they use for breaking kidney stones so this will help with the bone spurs around C6-C7. In fact, later on, I was told by another therapist, that shock wave therapy is the last form of physiotherapy that therapists use, when nothing, like electrotherapy, paraffin wax therapy, ultrasound therapy….etc, works. The temporary relief that one feels by shock wave therapy, is only due to the fact that, shock wave therapy creates another inflammation, therefore the pain signals from the original inflammation stop and the mind is confused with this new development. It was only after completing sessions with this chiropractor, that’s when things hit rock bottom.

Even though my mom was in severe pain since 2008, but with her immense stamina and a very high threshold for pain, she carried on with daily life, everyday trying to cope with her situation. Now things were really bad. She had lost all hope in her recovery. Meanwhile I came across the term Upper Cervical Doctors, who are mostly in the US AND CANADA. A few of them are scattered around in Europe. The closest one to us was in Turkey, but he practiced a very old technique. Neck, being a sensitive region, couldn’t take the risk of anyone dealing with it, especially now, when my mother was at the brink of losing herself completely.

Everyday my mom woke up thinking she is dying. During the month of March 2010, I took my mom twice in a day, every day, to the emergency room, whenever she had irregular heartbeat and for various other reasons. During our frequent run to the ER, a doctor actually had the nerve to tell my mom that it’s all in her head. A doctor even prescribed an anti-depressant to her, which had adverse side-effects on her, nearly every doctor in the ER, in a span of two weeks, prescribed her anti-depressants. Even at three in the night, I would take my mom to the hospital, on her insistence. She had developed a fear that gradually her body is deteriorating, her organs are failing, she was having problems with walking. Things were worst around March 25th , when I had to call an ambulance because my mother couldn’t stand up, whereas in reality, she could.

Since America was half way across the globe, at that point in time, the only thing I felt fit to do was to break my mom’s pain cycle. This was done with the help of the best orthopedic surgeon in town. I remember him and thank him for his professional attitude. He applied Corticosteroids in the epidural of the spine. After administering it, he said to me that there isn’t a fixed rule for such a problem, in his field of medicine, either they do surgery or they tell the patients to live with the pain, but he advised me that from wherever my mom gets relief, I should go for it!!!. And I did!!! 1st of June I got the American Visa, to my great relief!!! Unfortunately, during those days the political situation in my native country was horrible; therefore it made it more of a hurdle to get the US visa. The embassy wasn’t very generous with handing out visas to Pakistanis, anyways with great effort I went through the application process and applied for a medical visa. Thankfully they accepted.

First of July, the treatment with Dr. Jason started, initially she didn’t feel so much of a difference, as the pain and stiffness had already subsided with the cortisone injection, but the heaviness in her head wasn’t going away. Gradually with time and with Dr. Jason’s treatment, her heaviness disappeared, the stiffness of her face, which wasn’t going away even after the cortisone, disappeared too. So I saw a marked improvement in my mom’s overall health. She is still undergoing treatment with Dr. Jason and feeling great. HOUSTON SPINAL CARE is where my mom finally found relief!!!!

Written By: Madiha Aslam

NUCCA is Effective!!

Chiropractors are not anything new to me. I have used traditional chiropractors for years. My personal medical history is not simple. When I was 24, I had a bowel perforation that was diagnosed as Crohn’s disease.

Since 1981, I have been on multiple rounds of steroids, anti-inflammatory medications, and special diets. These offered minimal control of my symptoms, but offered nothing in terms of healing process.

As if the Crohn’s disease weren’t enough of a problem, I have also lived with chronic migraine type headaches for twenty years. The headaches have worsened over time with very little relief provided by traditional medical physicians.I’ve seen way too many types of doctors without any long-term improvement to show for it. Medicines offer limited short-term effectiveness. Diet control is so extreme that it is almost impossible to completely eliminate all of the inflammatory foods that I’ve recognized as contributing to my headaches.
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The internal medicine doctor had referred me over to pain control doctors three years ago. I was taking Oxycontin and Hydrocodone in rotating doses with only moderate relief. Quality of life was not even on the radar screen. I was struggling to survive.

When Houston Spinal Care’s personnel did their evaluations of my radiographs, there was a visible misalignment of the Atlas vertebra. We started the corrective regimen. There were no great bolts of energy that came through me or anything like that. Instead, it was a gradual improvement in my pain levels. In addition to the NUCCA adjustment, I also saw a neurologist who assisted me in altering the approach to the pain meds I had used. The results were of immense proportion when I look back on where I was and what I am able to do now.

One specific event was a couple day before I was scheduled to be on a five hour flight to Boston.I managed to pull my back out of alignment and almost crawled into their office in pain. When Dr. Jason did his basic assessment, I couldn’t even lie down on the exam table. Amazingly, by the time he had made his adjustment, my back spasms resolved and I was able to lie on the table. If I had any doubt before, it was removed that day!I traveled to Boston without pain and was able to really enjoy the trip!

It has now been a year since I first began NUCCA care. The headaches are now controlled for the most part. I am on low dose pain medicines rather than the narcotics that were previously required for only minimal benefits. Dr. Jason and his care have assisted in an improved quality of life for me! ~Donice K., Angleton, TX


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